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Livin’ Country is about discovering what country means to you. It all started with a few simple sketches and a homemade screen printing press. The idea was to create a country apparel brand that celebrates a simple and fun lifestyle. A light bulb went off at 2am and Livin' Country was born. The sketches of cows, tractors and chickens were soon refined and production began. Livin' Country prides itself on its grass roots start up. Back in 2011, the summer fair season had just begun and we quickly booked ourselves at our first Country Fair in Bridgewater, CT. It was time to bring Livin' Country to the public. Despite the challenges of outdoor fairs, Livin' Country products sold. The overwhelming reaction to the simple fun designs was a smile. We were amazed at the wide spectrum of people who purchased Livin' Country items. From hardened farm hands to city folks the designs appealed to all. With your continued support, we expect great things for Livin' Country! Spread the word and enjoy Livin' Country!  

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